Contágus Perks Solution offers over 500,000+ merchant discounts throughout the U.S.

That saves your members lots of money, drive loyalty, improve retention, reduce churn & grows acquisition.

Helping employees and customers with a little bit of savings via Contagus Perks Membership goes a long way in forging long-term relationships. Contact us to learn more how we can help deliver results for your company.

How it Works: The Employer/Company/Donor:

  • Buy/donate perks memberships for employee/customer
  • Contágus provides fulfillment of memberships to employee/customer
  • Employer/Company/Donor gets reports and analytics to quantify ROI

How it Works: The Employee/Customer

  • Find a deal nearby with our Deal Finder
  • Claim the deal
  • Save money! See what you can save with our calculator
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