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Founded in June of 2017, the Noah Center, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is a one-stop shop providing extensive programs for youth in and out-of-school and those aging out of foster care, along with adults looking for education, health, recreation and support services. The Noah Center also provides programming for parolees and probationers seeking re-entry into the community. While serving a melting pot of cultures in the Joliet area, the center will provide a sense of community. By pairing programs and agencies across Will County, opportunities for education, self-help and lifelong achievements are provided to a deserving community.

Our MOTTO: Never Abandon Self-Ambition.

Core Programs:            The Noah Center has many programs designed to build the skills and confidence of both youth seeking support and adults seeking opportunity in a multitude of areas and fields:

Youth: Tutoring for grades 4-12, Mentoring/Counseling, Computer Skills and Animation, STEM/Robotics, Arts and Culture, Fitness Education, Culinary Arts, Reading/Literacy, Black Literature/History, Math and Science, Graphic Design and Anime, HealthCare Assessments

Adult/Re-Entry: Counseling, Employment Placement, Parent Education and Support, Financial Education, Reading/Literacy, Voter’s Registration and Education, Business Management, Resume/Interview Skills, Transportation Industry Placement, Black Literature, Computer Skills, Culinary Arts, Health Care/Mental Health Assessments

Core Partners:             

The Noah Center currently partners with close to 30 organizations:

American Airlines     University of IL Extension Service     Will County    Northern Illinois University     Lewis University     Restoring the Spirit               Just Because Mentor Services     Louisiana Barbeque  Restaurant          Chicago Therapeutic     Joliet Junior College     Willow Creek Church    Greencore Group     No Adults Left Behind     160 Driving Academy            Jane Addams Resource Corporation



I’m writing to express the necessity of job placement, job training and GED preparation for young people living in the Joliet area. The city is in need of a positive atmosphere for families and youth to ensure that they can succeed despite Joliet’s ongoing challenges of robberies, assaults and burglaries, high unemployment and low high school graduation rate.

The Noah Center exists to make a positive change for at-risk youth in Joliet. Over 25 percent of Joliet Township High School students do not graduate. With our all-purpose community center that offers outreach to families to inform parents of the resources available, we provide a hub for the deserving youth to become responsible, productive citizens. Our programs include counseling, mentoring, fitness, health care assessments, tutoring in computer skills, reading, history, math and science.

Our organization was created in honor of a young man named Noah, who was shot and killed in Houston at the age of 19. This organization aims to give back to the community in a way that would honor Noah.

A sense of community, positive and educational services and a place to utilize opportunity is what the Joliet area needs. The Noah Center is a coordinating body that collaborates with schools, churches, youth-serving organizations and government programs to bring opportunity to these worthy children.

With Joliet’s melting pot of cultures, the Noah Center empowers all families to raise strong and self-efficient young adults in an area that desperately needs a safe-haven.


Coach Lee, Founder/CEO  of the Noah Center


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