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Current Goal Progress: $120/$75,000

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We need your help to continue reaching out and positively impacting the lives of our kids, families and community.  Please help us to reach our campaign goal of raising $75,000.

This fundraising campaign will help us grow and ensure we continue to provide a first class fun and safe experience for our Student Athletes.  Moreover, our long term goal, through fundraising, is to lower our Football and Cheer Registration fees while providing a league best program.

Every little bit helps and whatever you can do will go a long way.

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Thank you for your donation which will allow our program to afford paying for the various expenses involved with our continuous stride for excellence!

Matteson Youth Athletic Association



Matteson Youth Athletic Association, a fixture in the Matteson community, is committed to providing the youth of Chicago’s South Suburbs a high-quality full contact football and cheerleading program. In addition to a traditional cheer and football program, we also host a Summer Conditioning Camp for our athletes as well as children who are not playing football or cheering with our  organization.  The main goal of MYAA is to instruct youths in the fundamentals of football and cheerleading while focusing on the following:

  • Encouraging respect for authority, self and others
  • Fostering self-esteem and a healthy self-image
  • Building self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Promoting achievement in the classroom and on the field

We believe in student athletes!

Mission Statement– The Matteson Youth Athletic Association (MYAA) is an organization committed to providing instruction in the fundamentals of football (full contact) and cheerleading to the student athlete in our community. MYAA promotes and encourages positive characteristics in our student athlete through their participation in a team oriented sport.

Philosophy – The Matteson Youth Athletic Association is committed to providing a program that will promote structure, discipline and hard work to ensure our student athletes are successful academically, athletically and are upstanding community citizens.

Letter From The Board

The Matteson Youth Athletic Association (MYAA) is committed to providing unrivaled youth experiences through cultivating sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and leadership skills through participation in football and cheerleading. It is the goal of MYAA to ensure that the youth who participate in the program excel on and off the playing field and is committed to maintaining mastery in academic standards and excellent classroom behavior.

Paramount to our mission, the Board of Directors constantly evaluates the MYAA program to ensure we are meeting the needs and best interest of the youth in the community. After a careful and extensive assessment of the youth program, the need and opportunity to continue to provide our athletes with a first class organization and keep costs to a minimal, we have partnered with “Contagus”, a fundraising support company, to help us with our fundraising activities. The money we raise is going primarily towards funding safety equipment for both the Football/Cheer programs. Every penny…every dollar…we raise is important and will benefit the children.

The Matteson Youth Athletic Association Board of Directors are extremely thrilled and excited to announce the partnership with Contagus and we thank you for your continued support of MYAA.


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