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Current Goal Progress: $17,240/$25,000

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We need your help to continue reaching out and positively impacting many more communities, kids and families lives.  Please help us to reach phase 1 of our campaign goal of raising $25,000. 

Every little bit helps and whatever you can do will go a long way.

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Mike Allen Sports Outreach Foundation


The Mike Allen Sports Outreach Foundation (MASOF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Mike Allen. The mission of (MASOF) is dedicated to reaching out to underprivileged youth, adults and communities all across the world to provide financial, educational and outreach opportunities to make a lasting impact and difference in the live of others from all walks of life.

 Why Donate?

  • Great chance to give back
  • Scholarships for kids to attend Sports Camps, Clinics, & Leagues
  • Scholarships for kids to participate in Travel Basketball Club and Travel Expenses
  • School Assemblies & Hospital Visits
  • Church Outreach & Mission Trips
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Christmas Gift Toy Drive
  • Sports Outreach Mission Trips (Youth & Adults)
  • Gym rental fees
  • 15 passenger van
  • Flooring for training center for player development
  • Volunteer appreciation gifts
  • Additional Support Staff (part-time)

Why and How

Born of the heart of a professional athlete who had a dream beyond professional basketball, Mike Allen’s vision is to make a difference using sports as a tool, not only in the professional sports world, but also in schools, churches community centers, and boys’ and girls’ clubs all across the country.

Using sports, motivational speaking, and music as a tool to motivate and challenge people from all walks of life, Mike Allen shows others how to set goals and achieve them by working hard. Mike has developed a sizable following not only because he leads by example, but also because he leads with integrity, honesty, passion and respect for everyone.

Mike Allen has the privilege of speaking to thousands of youth at basketball clinics/camps, school assemblies, PAL leagues and other events all across the world for over 15+ years.

Mike Allen believes that the sports dynamic can accomplish great things in the correct environment. Through teaching and developing sports-related skills, everyone in attendance benefits, learning the importance of sportsmanship, education, drug-and-alcohol avoidance, and career planning.

We need your help for Mike to continue to reach out to many more communities, kids and families lives. Please help us to reach our goal of raising $25,000 for the following: scholarships for children to participate in our Ballin’ Ambassador Travel Basketball Club, camps and leagues, a 15 passenger travel van to pick up and drop off kids whose parents don’t have transportation to get their kids to the programs we provide, flooring for training center, and travel expenses for players that travel with our Travel Basketball Club to participate in tournaments. Your help with us reaching this goal will change a life.

Mike Allen


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