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California Assemblymember Dr. Arambula Letter (Laotian American Bill)

We, members of the Laotian American Community and supporters of the Community, seek the inclusion of the Laotian refugee history in the state model curricula teaching about the war that took place in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, AKA Southeast Asia, and the plight of the refugees from these countries to the United States during the post-war era.

On August 31, 2018, Senate Bill 895 was passed to include the history of Vietnamese American refugee experience, the Cambodian genocide, and Hmong history and cultural studies.  The history of Laotians and Laos which is inseparable from the history of the war in Southeast Asia was not included in SB 895.

The multi-ethnic Laotian American Community and the supporters of the Community seek a bill to be introduced by the California Legislative member(s) in January of 2019 to include the history of the Laotian people, Laotian refugees and Laos that played a critical role in the war in Southeast Asia be included in the California state model curricula.

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Laotian American

Senate Bill 895 (passed 8/31/2018)

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Legacies of War:  The History of 9 years of bombing of Laos during the Wars in Southeast Asia (AKA Vietnam War)


Legacies of War
Laotian American National Alliance
National Lao Golf Association, Inc.
Lao Union Buddhist of America, Inc.
SEARAC (Southeast Action Resource Center)

Community Organization:
Community Impact Lab
Fresno Interdenominational Refugees of Fresno (FIRM), Fresno
Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresno (LCCCF), Fresno
Lao American Community of Fresno (LACF), Fresno
Lao Students Association of Fresno (Fresno State Students), Fresno
Lao Solidarity Organization of Fresno, Fresno
Lao Senior Association of Fresno, Fresno
Lao Association of Savannaket Province of Fresno, Fresno
Luang Phrabang United Association of Fresno, Fresno
Lao Teachers of Fresno, Fresno
Lao Women Association of Fresno, Fresno
Samakhom Huck-Phaeng of Fresno, Fresno
Into Champon & Assoc, ALC
Lao-American Advancement Organization
Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresno
Lao Community Cultural Center of San Diego
Lao Lanxang Eternity Org.
Laos Angeles
Laotian American Advocates
TeAda Productions
The United Royal Lao Armed Forces & Special Guerrilla Units Veterans of the Vietnam War era.
Wat Lao Saophuth Buddhist Association

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