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A Message from the Program

MBA, EMBA’s and Alums

We have a great opportunity and a need for which we need your help.  One of our alums has offered us a $25K donation with an additional amount of $25K  if we can match that contribution.   This is very timely as we have a target for breaking ground next year for the expansion of University Business Center with a new classroom (EMBA classroom, MBA project presentations, and alumni events).  Our fundraising campaign will start in the Fall of 2016.

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Thank you for your donation which will allow our program to afford paying for the various expenses involved with our continuous stride for excellence!

Fresno State University Craig School of Business MBA Program

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Highlights & Benefits

We are seeking contributions of $50, $100, $250 or more.  Your contribution will go to our Craig MBA foundation account with the following benefits:

  • Your contribution will earn a 100% within the $25K matching budget. We are seeking at least a $50 contribution or more, the matching applies to all amounts.
  • The funds are not commingled with the other funds on campus. We can and will insure the funds are used for MBA programs, the funds will be in our MBA trust account.
  • Our first priority is assisting with a building fund to expand the UBC, adding another executive style classroom, remodeling one room (PB 194) and creating an outdoor courtyard to be used for social events (drawings of the expansion are included here). This will allow us to double our programs (EMBA is currently running two programs at a time with only one executive classroom).
  • We have a gift for you when you contribute to this effort. We are partnering with Contagus, a new start up that will provide you with an app that generates discount coupons for many venues in the local fresno community, and nationally.  We have been working with this company on a consulting basis for some time now and this not only helps us but will help build momentum for them (a Fresno start-up with great upside potential).
  • The executive classrooms/training center will be one more step in branding our programs. We have priority use of the facility for any external programs (EMBA, Alumni events, MBA client consulting projects presentations).  Also the facility when not in use by the campus is rented to the community.  This is like secondary giving to the Craig School of Business plus it creates a very positive impression with the community members who use or attend an event at this facility.  We have more campaigns to fund the entire project.

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