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Dolton Bears Football and Cheerleading program aspires to be an excellent educational and athletic organization that provides to every athlete. While aiming to be very competitive, our programs are determined to teach the value of team and the importance of family. We stand apart by being highly successful without sacrificing sportsmanship, character or integrity. We uplift and empower our athletes by providing the following:

-that our athletes are coached using the principles of positive coaching

-that our kids have fun at practice and games

-that our kids feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance.

-that our kids learn s “Life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field

-that our kids learn the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player

We recognize that our coaches are the people who are directly involved with upholding the standards we as an organization have set forth. It is our goal to provide every coach with the tools to succeed as a Positive Coach. We are committed to making sure that our coaches, parents, fans and athletes work together in upholding our mission.

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For over 25 years the Dolton Bears Youth Football and Cheerleading organization has been helping youth in our community gain the necessary experience to successfully compete in organized team sports. Our young men are given the opportunity to play a structured team sport in a supervised and safe environment. Our young women are given the opportunity to participate in the football experience as cheerleaders, and their season ending competition is second to none!

Safety, cooperation and sportsmanship are key lessons taught in our program. The football players are physically and mentally conditioned to be prepared for the rigors of tackle football by participating in preseason practices. These practices are also necessary to minimize the chance of injury during the season. The Dolton Bears are divided into 6 separate football teams based on the age and weight restrictions of the Southwest Midget Youth Football League. (Mighty Mites, Black Widgets, Gold Widgets, Pee Wee’s, Junior Varsity and Varsity)

Our non-profit organization is staffed totally by volunteers in the form of coaches, board members, officers, team moms and various other operational positions. A registration fee is charged for participation on the football and cheerleading teams. This fee covers the replacement cost of equipment, uniforms, secondary insurance and various other expenses. Players use the football equipment and return it at the end of the season to be reconditioned and re-used for the next year.   Cheerleaders use their uniforms and return them at the end of the year for reuse the next year as well.

As much as a 9 year career is possible for participants prior to high school athletic programs. Team sports both require and develop teamwork. Dolton Bears Youth Football and Cheerleading helps our youth find alternative, constructive activities that build leadership, discipline and a solid work ethic that will carry over into life. The Bears have had an outstanding win/loss record over the years thanks to the efforts of our players, coaches and family support.

Each of the football teams have an accompanying squad of cheerleaders, except for the “Junior” level teams. The vocal support and the halftime shows by the cheerleader squads bring the fans to their feet during every game. The girls range in ages 7 to 14 and participate in our league’s cheer competition each season.

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