Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition is an initiative to “Change The Narrative of Our City” ONE Community at a time.  We’ve created an eco-system that allows our local businesses and the people that live work, and play here an opportunity to support one another in a way that benefits everyone in the community.  We’re currently working our 1st of many phases. Phase 1 focuses on the South Loop, Bronzeville, and Hyde Park business districts.  Let’s be Contagus and Lead the change by showing Our Love and Support by purchasing the Contagus Digital Savings App.  By purchasing and utilizing the app, We’re investing in Our Communities, and saving money all while patronizing local businesses.  40% of ALL funds from app purchases go to funding our initiatives.

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Contagus Digital Savings

The Contatus Digital Savings App is the world’s only community based, customized show your phone discount program. It fosters and promotes our SUPPORT, SAVE, & SUSTAIN concept by creating an economic and social eco-system for all to participate.

It’s the BEST deal by phone app in the country, providing our subscribers the ability to SAVE hundreds/thousands of dollars a year.

The Contagus Digital Savings App is used as an instrument of ebbing positive social, moral, and economic change for subscribers, businesses, the community of supporters, and more importantly the cause.

Here are some of its many Benefits:

  • Only $40 annually
  • Great way to support businesses where we live, work, and play
  • Keeps money in OUR local economy
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on purchases
  • Makes OUR community a destination
  • All businesses and services are welcome (store front and online)
  • Saves subscriber $500+ annually
  • New businesses are added daily based on your suggestions

The concept is quite simple, We’ve created a system that promotes reciprocity.  The community invests in businesses that invest in the community.  The businesses make money, the community members save money, and many community oganizations receive funding to help their missions.  Everybody WINS!       

The Goal

The Goal is to support, save, and sustain Our City One Community at a time.

Become a part of a solution that engages our community by promoting collaboration over competition amongst our local businesses, residents, and community as a whole.  Together we’re establishing a community based ecosystem that provides mutual benefits to everyone involved.  It also supports, sustains, and will ultimately help us provide funding to maintiain organizations in our community that provide us the services needed to nurture, develop and care for those in need.

Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact our well-being.

This Contagus-Chicago initiative is creating a healthy, sustainable eco-system and culture that will help our communities grow and thrive.

Our mission is to aid and support organizations to do more by empowering and inspiring individuals to give more.  We do this by presenting a better vehicle of entry for those that want to support but feel their giving lack impact.

Our goal is to help community organizations achieve their financial goals, Sustain their financial support system, and Thrive in their efforts to serve their communities.

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