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We at Buchanan High School Track and Field are conducting our “2017 BUCHANAN HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD CHALLENGE” in February of 2017 to help generate financial support for our program. We ask for your support us in four ways:

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Buchanan High School Track and Field

Track Record


· 2016 Boys League Champions (13 total)

· 2016 Girls League Champions (13 total)

· 2016 Boys Valley Champions (7 total)

· 2016 Girls Valley Champions (7 total)

· 2016 Boys Team 6th Place CIF State Championships

· 2016 Girls Team 4th Place CIF State Championships

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Why and How

To Our Supporters and Sponsors,

As a Track & Field Coach at Buchanan High School we spend long hours giving our best to get the most out of our student-athletes.  We are training our athletes with the intention of exceeding what we have done in the past.  In order to do that we need to raise money to make 2017 better than 2016.  Please help us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal for the Buchanan HS Track & Field program by making a donation, purchasing a Contagus membership, or buying team apparel. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

Your sponsorship contributes towards expenses required for travel expenses, invitational fees, updating the timing system, new hurdles, vaulting poles, competitors numbers, boundary markers, relay batons, adjustable blocks, high jump standards, uniforms, stopwatches, crossbars, vaulting pits, high jump equipment, measuring equipment, discus, shot puts and pole vault bags. With your help we can continue to advance and improve our track & field program!

The coaching staff has established many goals for this Bear’s team. Not only are we hoping to produce multiple more League and Section titles and qualify as many athletes as possible for the CIF State Meet, which is held at our very own facilities, but we want to make sure that every student athlete has the most exciting and beneficial experience possible. Through hard work and challenging the athletes to their greatest ability, we hope to instill in them work ethic, character, and physical and mental toughness. By doing this, we hope to provide every athlete with the tools to be successful on and off the track. Thank you in advance for your generous support in our 2017 Buchanan High School Track & Field Challenge.


Nick Paramo

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