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Current Goal Progress: $80/$20,000

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From supplying students with technology to feeding families for the holidays, the :20 Second Timeout Foundation  prides itself with giving back to our communities.  To continue this tradition we are requesting your support.   Our aspiration is to raise $20,000 allowing us to continue this tradition.  Your support will provide more than money, it will provide hope to underserved families and students in our communities.

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20 Second Timeout Foundation

Who We Are

From supplying students with technology to feeding families for the holidays, we pride ourselves with giving back to our communities.


It is our mission to make a difference in our communities by supporting the education of young people in Chicago. Investing in the education of our youth will create multiple positive results that will allow the younger generation to:

  1. Become responsible adults who will have a positive impact on society.
  2. Recognize the support that he or she has received while in school and reach back to empower other members of the community.
  3. Help tip the balance of the socioeconomic status of the at-risk communities from poverty to progress and career fulfillment.

It is our vision to support the endeavors of underserved youth and families by assisting and empowering them in the areas of education, quality of life, and professional development.

Your support/sponsorship of our current campaign will contribute towards expenses required for the following:

  • 100 Backpacks w/essentials for the homeless
  • 100 Winter Coats for those in need
  • 100 Winter Boots for those in need
  • 150 Christmas Toys for Our Youth in need
  • Holiday “Feed The Hungry” Events

Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me and I’ll understand.

-Chinese Proverb


From the DIrector


The :20 Second Timeout Foundation started like most of my dreams, in my basement. When I was cutting hair at home it was easy for kids back then to have their needs met. All they would have to do back then was to reach in their mothers’ purses, grab five dollars, then come down to my basement to get a haircut.

But that changed once I got my own shop downtown; it went from them sneaking five dollars for a haircut to the grandmother bringing all of their grandkids to the barbershop. That became a common theme. Grandparents bringing grandkids to the barbershop because the kid’s parents were hooked on drugs. From the moment they walked in the shop you could tell they needed some assistance.

Thus, The :20 Second Timeout Foundation was born. I wanted to create something to help those that really wanted to win and make a difference in their community as well as life and society. It started with giving away free haircuts, to backpacks and school supplies, to now doing more. I know what a haircut does for the man; it gives him his swag back along with his purpose. The :20 Second Timeout Foundation will empower the next generation, it will give them core values, and it will help build character, as well as drive excellence and definitely support education. It will also teach them you can’t get anywhere in life by yourself. It will always take a village.

Shannon Jones                                                                                                            Board President



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