What is Contágus?

Contágus is a new and exciting 4 in 1 Digital Fundraising program that drives success for your organization to reach its fundraising/revenue goals.  Its unique 4 in 1 platform includes 1) Donations, 2) the nation’s largest all digital show-your-phone mobile discount program, 3) a customized apparel ecommerce solution, 4) and an event-ticketing solution, allowing organizations to raise funds 24/7/365.

How does it work?

Contágus makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you most. Sign up, and you’ll be able to share your personalized fundraising campaign worldwide.

How much do most groups raise using Contágus?

The Contágus program empowers Organizations to raise money and help fund their capital campaigns regardless of size.  From $5,000 to $5,000,000 there is no better way to provide sustainable support to a cause, your community, and get a huge return for your contribution simultaneously.  The amount raised per group depends on the number of participants a group has, and the outreach done by the group.  The average raised per active participant is $700+ For a Team Based Fundraiser.

What does it cost to get started?

Contagus has Basic and Premium options that include a 1x development cost + a monthly fee that covers building your multicomponent platform and major operating expenses like any popular internet service including technology, infrastructure, payroll & benefits for our dedicated team of employees. Visitors to our users’ campaigns are greeted with a unique 4 in 1 platform, void of advertisements and other distractions – providing multiple ways of giving, helping our users raise even more money.

How can I see how many donations I have and who has donated?

Simply log in onto your Contágus donation page and you will see to total funds raised and total number of contributors in real time.  You will also receive a monthly analytics report providing you a complete breakdown of funds received.

How will I know if someone donates?

You’ll receive an email notification each time a donation is made to your Campaign.

Can donors in other countries donate to my campaign?

Yes, your campaign is able to accept donations from around the world.

Can donors give privately?

Yes.  Contagus does not post names of donors to your site.  However, the campaign organizer knows all donors, and can acknowledge any donor that would like to be acknowledged.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Only donations made to legally registered non-profit or charity organizations may be considered for donors to claim as a tax deductions.  Please consult with your tax professional for advice in this regard.

Are payments secure?

Contágus uses Stripe to securely process credit card donations – Stripe is recognized as the best way to accept payments online and in mobile apps.  They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. Our site is also SSL encrypted, and we do not store any credit card data.

Can I sign up my organization online?

Absolutely! You can start by creating your fundraiser easily online. Every fundraiser goes through an approval process where we verify your organization/team.  A Contágus Representative will be available to you after your fundraiser is approved to guide you through our platform and answer any questions you may have.

When do we receive our funds raised?

Funds are provided via check by the 20th of the following month of sales.

Ok, I created my account and joined my fundraiser. Now what now?

Take a look at the Contágus best practice tips and you should be more than prepared to have a successful campaign.  You now have the ability to share your fundraising campaign with all of your family, friends, and social media connections via email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform you participate in.

How can individuals sign up and raise funds for an organization?

Parents and Individuals over 18 can go to Contágus main page and select Enroll.  Choose, “Enroll in existing program”, and follow the Fundraiser Registration instructions. You will be provided a 6 digit identification code that allows you to join your fundraiser group and populates all of the pertinent fundraiser info.  You can also email support@contagus.com for assistance.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password on the login page. Click here.

Can I receive a refund on my donation?

Donations are non-refundable by Contagus.  To request for a refund of a donation, you must contact the recipient/organization directly.  Should you have additional questions regarding refunds, please contact us at support@contágus.com.

Does Contagus have a mobile App?

Yes, you can access a Contagus campaign through you desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Can I donate by cash or check?

All offline donations will be sent directly to the fundraising organization. The check will be written out to the Organization’s name.  When sending funds, you can send an email to support@contágus.com informing us of the Organization’s name, Check#, and Donation amount so we can add the funds to their account.  Funds will not be added until the receipt of the check has been confirmed by the organization.

How do we send thank you notes to supporters?

Our system sends automated thank you notes to each donor via email. However, if you would like to send an additional thank you note or tax form, you may do so by using your monthly analytics form.  Any donation that is anonymous will remain anonymous due to our privacy policy.