The Enhanced Power of Digital Fundraising

 Most fundraising companies give you merchandise, coupons or books, then walk away, leaving you with inventory to manage.
We provide you with on-line, and on-site training if possible, to ensure your campaigns success. We’ve made it so simple that a second grader could understand how it works.


What is Contágus

Contágus is a digital fundraising platform for education and non-profits!

Our digital platform connects consumers to merchants nationwide. We use that platform to develop a discount and savings program in the form of Contágus Fundraising. Contágus Fundraising is being developed for each prospective school to drive fundraising for the school, clubs, and sports.

How does Contágus Fundraising work?

The consumers gets tremendous value with an annual membership to a local, regional, or nationwide network of merchants and discounts. The schools, clubs and other programs are able to earn 40% of gross membership sales. It becomes a synergistic relationship between education, non-profits and sports groups receiving funds to support their programs and the consumers who purchase the app and receive access to hundreds of discounts on items and services they purchase everyday.

We work exactly like any of the coupon or discount books you’ve purchased in the past. However, with Contágus, you get access to all the discounts through the Contágus Fundraising mobile app or web portal.

How is Contágus different from other fundraising programs?

For example, in the past, sports and clubs would each independently decide what they wanted to sell and it would be the responsibility of the coach or booster to handle the fundraising process. Teams could sell cookie dough, magazines or use any other program out there. Contágus elected to work with the Principal at each school and give access to the fundraising portal to all school organizations. Contágus provides a dedicated account manager to each school to make sure students are getting the necessary sales materials and to assist the clubs/programs in promoting their fundraising efforts. This is a true white-label program designed to help each school raise money.

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The Company: Contágus

Contágus, a loyalty and rewards platform of Loyalty Networks Solutions Inc. (A corporation registered in Delaware, USA), delivering a premier turn-key fundraising program.


Our Platform

  • Completely Digital
    The savings go with you wherever you go. Search nearby on the go, or use your PC or tablet to shop and save.
  • Tracking and Reporting
    Monitor and track how much your team has earned by month, year and in real-time.
  • Marketing and Sales Infrastructure
    Members can save every day with instant savings at restaurants, entertainment venues, retail – stores that you already use as part of your daily routine.


The Technology

  • Bank-Grade Encryption
  • A global digital platform with billions of transactions conducted per year
  • Tested, predictable and reliable
  • Our technology is the glue that pulls it all together!

What does it takes to be a leader in delivering a Premier Merchant-Funded Loyalty Program?

A “premier” program must include the following components:

  • Consumer segmentation to customize programs, rewards and communications
  • National brick-and-mortar merchant participation
  • Local and regional merchant participation
  • Ongoing merchant participation instead of one-time offers
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships


Why does Contágus care about school fundraising and sustainability of organizations?

Contágus’s founder, Nara Sihavong, has been working with schools as a wrestling coach for 25 years. Nara has witnessed first hand how state budget cuts have forced schools to cut or reduce funding to school programs such as wrestling and music. Due to reduced funding Nara and his team had to continually engage in fundraising activities to keep their program going and performing at an elite level. Nara currently coaches at Clovis High School in Clovis, CA. Nara and the Clovis High Cougars have 22 Central Section Championships, 11 State Championships and a National Title. Without their fundraising efforts, transportation and lodging for these events would have been impossible.



With expertise coming from various industries, Contágus management and operations personnel bring unique skill sets worthy of our diverse clients that we serve. Business is global. The Internet is a game changer compounded by the fever of socialnomics, social networking and social marketing. We synthesize the emerging technologies, sound business practices, adjusted for the rapidly changing consumer behavior with the shifting economy to build a premier customer loyalty and retention program that produces a “win-win-win” situation for our Program Partner (Client), Merchant Partner and The Customer (Member).



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