Fundraising is as easy as 1-2-3!

We help schools, clubs, non-profits and associations raise the much needed funds to drive success for their mission. Everybody in the community wins!

How it Works:

The Fundraiser

Raise more money 4 WAYS!

  1. Get Donation
  2. Sell Contagus Discount Membership
  3. Sell Apparel
  4. Sell Event Ticket

Make it Contagus, See How!!!

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Why Contagus is Different?

  1. Low Risk, High Return
  2. Unique One-Stop-Shop Platform
  3. Fully Automated Turn-key
  4. Social Marketing Engagement
  5. Available Nationwide!

No other fundraising company, not even GoFundMe, does it like Contagus!  It’s easy to start, email to a completed FUNRAISING AGREEMENT.  SEE PROGRAMS.

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What is Contagus Discounts?

Contagus Discount is like Entertaiment Book but on App and Web!  It provides the Member more ways to save most money on the go!

Sell more, to anyone, anywhere and raise more funds for your organization!

There is NO book, NO card, NO perishable product, NO need to manage inventory, NO delivery/shipping, NO geographical limitation, NO financial or personal risk, NO credit line or limit and NO handling of cash!

Say goodbye to selling candies, frozen pizza, candles, books, etc. With Contagus Discounts your supporter/buyer will save money and will be happy to continue supporting your cause.

To enhance the savings to your supporters, Contagus partnered with the number one discount book fundraising company, SaveAround!  That means more coupons, more savings!


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What is Contagus Apparel Fundraising?

Raise Funds:  Increase fundraising across all your key donor segments and initiatives.  See CONTAGUS APPAREL SHOP

Raise Spirits:  Custom apparel boosts spirits, inspires a sense of community and brings your supporters together.

No Risk or Inventory:  Sell custom apparel without buying any products upfront or worrying about handling inventory.

Easy, Fast and Fun:  We build and manage the custom page with link to apparel order form making it easy for supporters to buy logo’d apparel.

No Inventory:  Your supporter orders, we print and we ship.  You don’t have to worry about inventory and laborious fulfillment.

Raise Awareness:  Boost your campaigns by sharing content through your social media channels and gain thousands of clicks and eyeballs.

Proven Success:  Sell apparel to raise money is a proven method.  Start your fundraising with us with no risk or cost!  Contact Us

What is Contagus Donation?

Create Fundraising Campaign & Tell Your Story:  There’s no easier way to share your story and attract support.

Donations:  Easily accept donations from supporters via credit card payment.

Engage Your Base:  Your supporters want to help!  Donating makes them feel a part of your cause.

Easy payment:  Anyone can donate from anywhere via credit card payment.

Spread the word:  It’s easy to share via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Enjoy the Results:  The real-time status bar shows how much donations received.  SEE EXAMPLE.

What is Contagus Events and Ticketing?

Contagus partnered with the world’s largest and most trusted events and ticketing company, Eventbrite.

Connect faster with your supporters and keep them engaged to your cause and mission via Contagus Events and Ticketing solution.

Say no to manual ticketing, to handling of cash and the headaches of ticketing logistics.  Let Contagus help build a successful event and get your supporters there!  SEE EXAMPLE.

Getting started is easy!  Contact us now and we will get you started toward your success!

Getting Started with Contagus is as Easy as 1-2-3

People love Contagus Fundraising! See what they say!

We love helping people achieve their goal!  Contagus’ “One-Stop-Shop fundraising platform” makes it fun to reach out to family and friends around the country via web, email, social media, text messaging as well as the traditional means of a fundraising campaign to make them feel a part of your cause.

Unlike many self-service sites, you are never alone: Our program manager will reach out to you within 48 hours or sooner.  Our team of experts will help you get your campaign off the ground and toward success with the right planning and marketing!

Getting started is very easy. Contact us at or call 888-713-4299 extension 112.

What people say?

>>>>>“I love it!  We are excited to get our fundraising going with Contagus!”  Wally Barbosa, Coach, Bullard High Wrestling.  Fresno, CA

>>>>>“The platform is fantastic!  We will stop using other fundraisers we have used in the past, and use only Contagus Fundraising going forward.”  Nick Paramo, Coach, Buchanan High Track & Field.  Clovis, CA

>>>>>“Contagus Fundraising no cost, no risk, turn-key solution is unlike any we have experienced! ”  Al Carganilla, Principal, Farrington High School.  Honolulu, HI

>>>>>“We have a need to raise large amounts of money to build a new technical training classroom.  Contagus Fundraising One-Stop-Shop platform provides the needed components such as Donation, Purchase Discount Memberships and Purchase Apparel to successfully raise hundreds of thousands for our new training classroom.”  Tom Burn, Manager, Craig School of Business Graduate Program-Fresno State University.  Fresno, CA

>>>>>“The ability to reach supporters nationwide as well as donors worldwide is phenomenal!” Watering Seeds Organization.  Woodland Hills, CA.

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