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Annual Membership

Contagus offers you great local deals – no matter where you live in the U.S.! Plus multiple levels of annual membership allow you to choose the savings that are right for you.
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Schools & Organizations

Fundraising is easier than ever with Contagus. Now you can sell discounts that are valid nationwide right from your computer. The best part is – it’s all digital!
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Become a Merchant

As a business owner you need every advantage you can get. Contagus makes it easier than ever for customers to access your special promotions that you’re already running.
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How it Works

1. Create Account

Simply go to the web site and create an account. The process is short and simple. It only takes a few moments.

2. Link Your Organization

After you’ve created an account, just select your fundraising organization. The easy to use auto-search system will have you connected in no time.

3. Share

Once your account is created, you’ll be given a unique code to share with your family and friends when talking about the Contagus membership.

Fundraising Made Easy

A National Footprint

You can fundraise across the entire U.S. right from your home! Our annual memberships include deals from all 50 states – allowing you to offer value to everyone and increase your fundraising capability.
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Tons of Merchants

There are thousands of merchants available in the Contagus system from all parts of the country. Have confidence in knowing that you’re offering your supporters a savings membership of true value.
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Get Paid Faster!

With Contagus you receive your payments every 30 days! No more waiting a long time for your funds. We get the money to you quicker, so you can put it to work for your group.
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